One of our major headaches in the business of exporting trucks and parts is shipping.  Once the vehicle or parts Shipment is in the dock area (complete trucks) or airport (spares) they are completely out of our control.  To magnify our problems the freight forwarders have extreme difficulties in getting bills of lading and A.W.B. details from the carriers.  In some cases vehicles have been left behind at the dockside and 3 weeks later we find out.  From our observations the problems are the result of two phenomena.

  1. Massive increase of exports by both sea & air.
  2. Maximum security measures & extremely tight logistic information.

In addition to the above the Eastern seaboard of North America has been beset by one hurricane/tornado after another in possibly the worst battering of various coastal cities in modern history.  The latter is purely a seasonal issue amd will be forgotten by january.  The former is a fact and is not going away.  World trade is on the increase and terrorist activity worldwide occupies much of our day to day thinking.  Our ‘Mammoth Solution’ is:

  1. Allow more time for transit. I.E. 2003 4-5 weeks – 2004-2005 6-8 Weeks.
  2. Once we give you an estimated E.T.A. Durban-Walvis Bay – Ask your clearing agent in the relevant city to give you a regular update on the vessel.  We use Gulf Africa Line (GAL) Mitsui-OSK Line (Mitsui) and Hual Autocarrier (Hual).  We always furnish our clients with ships name, voyage number, and E.T.A. Africa port – This Information will help once the vessel passes longitude 30 Degrees West (Approximately 14 days before E.T.A.).  Hope the above is informative.  Keep your enquiries coming!