Our History in Africa

Mammoth Trucks B.C. Ltd. is located in the heart of the Okanagan Lake District of British Columbia, in the beautiful city of Summerland.   We chose to locate Mammoth Trucks here for many reasons such as the weather, accessibility to ports for export (Vancouver or Seattle), friendliness of the people, abundance of first class labor (people here have a passion for cars and trucks) and the fact that we have built up many friends and acquaintances over the past 12 years of doing business in the Okanagan.

As you are aware of the growing trend to North American sourced cars and trucks continues unabated, based on a few fundamental facts – excellent quality – competitive pricing.  This was fine for left-hand drive markets but virtually shut the door to the many right-hand drive countries that would also like a slice of the “AMERICAN PIE”.  Make  no mistake the “big three” North American motor manufactures are fully aware of the situation and are attempting to rectify the situation, with a few RHD models now appearing in the relevant markets.  Obviously the large manufactures require huge production volumes to justify their investment and in most cases, the market is very small and extremely diverse and individualistic.

This situation is our forte, having built and marketed custom trucks for over 20 years with literally thousands of options in engines, transmissions, axles, paintwork, wheels, tires, bolt sizes etc, etc, we excel in custom building for the individual.  Our research has taken us to Australia, New Zealand and South Africa (all RHD countries) and has built up contacts and sources of supply that will enable us to convert any LHD vehicle to RHD.  Through the numerous visits to the United States we can also custom build your “XYZ 4 X 4” with every conceivable luxury and safety option currently available.  As we have no affiliation to any of the motor manufacturers, we can locate the vehicle of your choice or you can have it delivered to us for conversion, the option is yours.  Having said all above, we will locate and supply any new or used left hand drive or heavy duty truck, pickup or 4 x 4 at the best price possible.

In addition, we can offer an extremely quick supply of parts for virtually any North American built vehicle.  Just quote the V.I.N. # and description of parts required.  For the construction industry, through our many contacts in B.C. and surrounding areas, we have access to a wide range of bulldozers, graders, loaders, backhoes, cranes low-beds etc, etc.

To conclude our portfolio, we will not fall into the North American trap of “not replying” to a request or inquiry.  If we cannot help we will still reply and give you a weather report and wish you a good day.  Our integrity, dedication and sincerity have earned Mammoth Trucks an enviable reputation in Central, and Southern Africa.  Now that we are also established in North America “TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE SITUATION”.  We also pledge to find and give you the best price possible for a vehicle, spare parts, construction equipment or any other requirement.