Cab-Over Conversion

For many years Geoff Gogle had the “vision” of building his own Class 8 truck.  Twelve (12) months ago the ideal opportunity presented itself and Geoff accepted the challenge.

Mammoth Trucks B.C. began losing L.H.D. Class 8 truck business due to the restrictions in Africa mentioned previously.

In 2002, Western Star Trucks was purchased  by Freightliner of U.S.A.  this led to the eventual closure of the Kelowna factory.  Freightliner re-locating to Portland, Oregon U.S.A. left many skilled and professional workers “jobless” in the Okanagan Valley.  As well, many secondary companies in the region suffered a tremendous loss of business.

Mammoth Trucks BC, through the inspiration of Geoff Gogle initiated the “new” project in September 2004 and the “Mammoth Euro/American” R.H.D. Class 8 truck was “born.”

In September 2004 Geoff Gogle went to the United Kingdom and purchased R.H.D. cab-over cabs.
The next step was to purchase a running North American donor chassis.
The idea was to give the African Market the sophistication and longevity of the North American Class 8 truck drive train and a truck and trailer length meeting compliance for the roads of Africa with a cab-over vehicle.
Through a joint venture between Mammoth and the Canadian Industry Research Program (I.R.A.P.) the project was started.